7 Easy Ways To Make Big Money While You Sleep

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How do you make money? How do you not let money use you? Well let’s take the first question? How do you make money? Here are some easy ways:

  1. 1)  Job
  2. 2)  Start a business
  3. 3)  Inherit money
  4. 4)  Lottery / Gamble
  5. 5)  CrimeAs odd as it sounds, all above are viable ways to make money. Most of the

population makes money via a job. We work for others. This is a familiar, respectable and time honored approach to supporting yourself. The only problem is sometimes you end up jobless, defeated, and angry. Welcome to the rat race!

Starting a business sounds nice. Become the boss with all the neat stuff like suits, executive offices, and lavish lifestyle. This sounds great as long as you are successful, and you assume ALL the risk. We touched on this before. Mentally you need to prepare to go through the fire of being an entrepreneur if you have never done this before.

Inheritance is great. You just need someone rich to die and leave it to us. This is not likely and nonrenewable. The money is always running out if you don’t make more.

The lottery is simply NOT going to happen. Gambling is just plain stupid. Casinos don’t build 75 million dollar fountains with the money they lost to patrons…..


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