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I feel so sorry for musicians. They seem to get bounced around with people taking a good fair slice of their profit pie.

Many people have tried to think up ways of making money with a music site. However they have been floored from the outset. Their complete mindset, their complete direction and (I have to say it) their complete lack of understanding has made them fail before they have even started. Then look at what happens:

“That technique doesn’t work, it is rubbish…I give up. I did try it out though.”
And then they pay some 3rd party more hosting fees, signup fees and they are barely scraping by.

This is not what needs to be done. The Internet is such a cool medium for the musicians.


Because everyone who accesses it has a computer and information can easily be spread from one computer to another electronically.

With music in MP3 format there are no shipping fees, technically no development fees (especially if you make tunes in your spare time). Basically it is like an ebook…and that industry has exploded. So the question has to be asked:




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