Improve your health by cycling . This e book helps you and guides you on how to improve your health by cycling

Improve your health by cycling

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Improve your health by cycling -Cycle for life!

Why does the Danes year after year win the prize of being the happiest people in the world? If you have been in Denmark you will know why: Everyone is cycling. Cycling to the work, to the school and cycling for fun. But cycling is not only fun. It has been proven that cycling is one of the best – and easiest forms of exercise. Maybe you can’t get on your bike and cycle to work, but this book gives you a lot of ideas on how to implement your cycling routines in your daily day and family life – and how to get healthy with cycling.

This book tells you all you need to know about cycling

The book, Cycling for life, tells you all what you need to know about cycling and improve your health by cycling. The book gives you an introduction to which kind of bike is most suitable for you, how to make your family bike and how to improve your health cycling. The book contains health programme for cycling to. You will learn to make your own cycling program and increase your health.
Purchase this book and open a new, healthy and funny chapter in your life. We guarantee that you will get healthier and happier following the tips in this books. 5 million danes can’t be wrong.


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