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Online book reading – this guide helps you finish your book fast – every time

Four steps that will help you finish reading your book

Having read our four-step guide, you will read your books faster, finish the books and improve your comprehension of what you have read. This is simple, but you have to practice a little. You can do it by reading paper books or by online book reading. Here is how to do it:

The problem every book reader is struggling with

Why do you never finish reading a book? Actually, 60% of us never finish the books we start to read and this applies both to paper books and to online book reading. So don’t worry – you are not alone, and here is our solution that actually works. You can use our online guide whether you are reading books online or in paper version. However, you will see, that online book reading has some benefits.
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Do not read all the pages

Actually many writers in US are on a payment per page contract. So, we don’t have to tell you what this means for the size of the books and for the rain forest if you are reading paper books. The writer is forced to fill the pages to make a living. Now you know this, you can easily improve the way you read. Your goal is to improve your knowledge on a certain topic and not to read the book from start to end. The question you have to ask yourself is what you want the book to do for you. Do not read all the pages because you are afraid to miss an important point or conclusion. Ask what this book can teach you and find the answers. Read it as you would read a newspaper: read the heading, the conclusion and then find the passages that are important for you. This method is easier to practice when reading a book online; as you can search and find the key-words, phrases and topics you are looking for.

Do not wait for the perfect reading moment

You have learned that the best way to read is to pay the full attention to the book by creating a perfect reading atmosphere: Well – if you live on the countryside and have nothing else to do than reading, that may just work for you. But I suppose you have other things to do than laying on your coach with a book all day. The point is that the perfect reading moment will never occur for you. You have to read whenever you can. Like the woman in the Moscow underground in the picture above. Online book reading makes it so much easier.

By the way, did you know that Russians are the most eager readers in the world?
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You can read your online book for 15 minutes at your office on the monitor when you need a break, 15 minutes on your mobile device in the bus or subway on your way to our from work. Reading small bids at a time is actually more efficient than reading for several hours in a row. If you put the small bids of 15 minutes together, you will realize, that during the day, you have had more than 1 hour efficient reading – and you will remember what you have read.

Maybe this is not perfect, but much better than waiting for the perfect reading moment. You can have your online book with you all the time on your devices, and we know that an average person is checking his smartphone 110 times a day? So, what is the excuse of not having your online book on your phone by now? Our conclusion: Just start reading now!

Use your daily routine for better online book reading

The daily routine may seem boring to you and sometimes you wish to be the spontaneous kind of person, doing what he wants when he wants. However, when it comes to online book reading, being a little smart, you can use this routine to achieve a lot more. Here is how. Most of your day is structured. You get up at a certain time, do certain things, and so on. When it comes to online book reading, you know exactly when you will have time to read. Here is a tip. You know you will be sitting in the subway on your way to work, lets say at 8.05 am. Well, set a vibrating alarm on your mobile device to this exact time saying “reading”. And do it for every time you know, you will have a short brake: Short coffee brake at the office, on your way home (though, we don’t recommend reading online books while you drive).

Read when you don’t read

Maybe you have been reading for 10 minutes, but the technique is, that you don’t forget about the online book when you have put it away. Reading in small intervals like 10 minutes  will actually make you remember what you have read better than if you read for several hours in a raw. Actually, for a better comprehension you have to rethink what you have been reading. You can rethink what you have been reading e.g. on the way from the bus-stop to your house or while making your groceries.

Does these techniques works for online book reading? Yes, they are well proven by many book readers, and with online book reading, it is even easier to implement this guidelines in your daily routine. Why not try our tips for yourself, now, that you still remember them. As in all learning, implementing is the most important thing, so, whether you are at your office, having a short break or on your way home in the subway and just finished reading this guide, we recommend that you find a book of your interest, define the purpose of reading the book, set an alarm, and start reading. You can buy an online book here, find the topic that interests you, and please give us feedback  on how our tips worked for you.

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