Online reading books - avoid eye damage

Online reading books guide – avoid eye damage –

3 steps guide on how to avoid eye damage – by professor James Salz

Professor in eye chirurgy, James Salz from Los Angeles LASIK and vision correction hospital gives a few tips on how to avoid eye damages when reading books online.
When it comes to online reading – whether it is books or articles, there is a common problem: dry and irritated eyes caused by the monitor. However, you can read some of these inspiring books without getting dry and irritated eyes.

Online reading books – how to avoid eye damages

Doctor,James Salz boils the problem down to two key factors
• Lack of blinking
• The Reading angle
When you are online, reading books or articles, you tend to blink less, which causes irritation and dryness of the eye. This can possibly lead to further eye damage. Doctor James Salz gives a few everyday tips on what you can do here and now to avoid dry and irritated eyes.
• He recommends to use what he calls the 20 20 20 method, which is really easy; for every twenty minutes you read, you should take a 20 seconds brake from the screen and focus on a point 20 feet away from you.
• You have to adjust the reading angle to get the best reading experience, no matter if you are online, reading a book or working with a document. When you are staring at the screen, you stare straight ahead but when you read a book, your eyes look more down. When you look down, more of your eye is covered of the eyelid. When you look straight ahead at the computer screen, your eye is more exposed to the drying effect of air. You can avoid this by using your mobile devices, Kindle, smartphone, which gives your eyes the same reading angle and reading experience as if you were reading a paper book. See the illustration above on how the reading angle affects your eyes.

Some types of books actually cause more eye irritation

You probably ask yourself how? The answer is simple. While online, reading books, some books demands more eye focus than others do. Take for instant an interesting crime novel: You will be reading for several hours, forgetting the time and everything around you. This is good, but if you are online, reading the book on your screen, your eyes will get dry and irritated. Now, take a textbook like Fear of flying or Forex trade strategies. When you read these textbooks you have to stop up, comprehend, write notes and that makes you naturally look away from the screen several times an hour – which is good for your eyes.


Online reading books don’t have to irritate your eyes.
The methods for healthy online reading eyes are:
Reading books online you should use the 20 20 20 method, where you every 20 minute take a 20 seconds brake and focus on something 20 feet away.
Try to read on a mobile device, which makes your reading angel similar of that reading a paper book.
When you read online books, try to read textbooks and let the heavy novels be in paper version. You can click around and find interesting online reading books in our shop.

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